红德萨起源(RED TEXAS)
中国人称它为红德萨斯,泰国人称它为Super Red Texas
今天带大家研究下超级红德萨斯鱼(Super Red Texas)的饲养过程
"原种美鲷 Herichthys Carpinte 的英文别名TEXAS CICHLIDS 在外国已用上一百几十年了,在香港称为"德州豹"及在台湾称为"金钱豹" "德萨斯"是泰国鱼场用"德州豹"杂交红魔鬼等搞出来的,其英文名称应是TEXAS RED 甚至有称 RED TEXAS 在泰国水族市场 RED TEXAS 可是具高人气指标的热门鱼种,销售价格不断创新高,只要是完美个体can从三十万泰铢升至一百万,由于完美个体是从几千几万尾筛选而得,因此当地市场有牠的独特性与标准性,首先一尾漂亮的德萨斯应具备的条件如下:
红Desa斯罗汉鱼大百科 呼和浩特观赏鱼 呼和浩特龙鱼第1张

红德萨斯(RED TEXAS) 属于我们饲养的杂交慈鲷里的比较难伺候的一种,所以我们不能以饲养一般的珍珠类罗汉鱼的标准来饲养!

红Desa斯罗汉鱼大百科 呼和浩特观赏鱼 呼和浩特龙鱼第2张
红Desa斯罗汉鱼大百科 呼和浩特观赏鱼 呼和浩特龙鱼第3张
3.Small bead level: The whole body is covered with small pearls, which are fascinating like bright stars scattered in the sky!And the red Dessas of the bead point makes it easier for people to see the red color of the background, which is more appreciated!So it is extremely expensive!
红Desa斯罗汉鱼大百科 呼和浩特观赏鱼 呼和浩特龙鱼第4张
4.Reticulated grade: As the name implies, this kind of Desas beaded dots are densely distributed like a fishing net in the whole body!Reticulated grade Desas reticulated texture is generally as simple as possible!
红Desa斯罗汉鱼大百科 呼和浩特观赏鱼 呼和浩特龙鱼第5张
5.Corn kernels: The corn kernels of Desa are arranged in order, forming a pattern like rows of corn kernels
红Desa斯罗汉鱼大百科 呼和浩特观赏鱼 呼和浩特龙鱼第6张
6.Worm pattern: Desas pattern of the worm pattern is like a worm crawling around the fish body, which is also unique.
红Desa斯罗汉鱼大百科 呼和浩特观赏鱼 呼和浩特龙鱼第7张
7.Mu Jiabei class: Mu Jiabei class has all the patterns on the body, and the small beads on the head are the brain patterns. The transparent red background is the highest level of Red Desa!
红Desa斯罗汉鱼大百科 呼和浩特观赏鱼 呼和浩特龙鱼第8张

Red Dessas habit
RED TEXAS (RED TEXAS) usually can grow to about 30 cm, with an average age of 8-10 years
Red Dessas was naturally timid when he was young, and he had little food intake. He generally likes to eat at night or when no one is there!So do nt worry about eating too little and growing too slowly at an early age.It is necessary to reduce the fat intake by feeding in small amounts!Because there is a parrot fish gene in its maternal gene, if you feed too much, it is easy to prop up the shape of a parrot!!!!Because of the small amount of food intake, it is easy to causeRed Dessias vitamin deficiency problem, it is recommended to add a small amount of vitamin D in the feed.
红Desa斯罗汉鱼大百科 呼和浩特观赏鱼 呼和浩特龙鱼第9张
15 points for you to raise Super Red Desa
1.Back viewYou can choose a black background or a dark blue background in order to stimulate the fishs background color, and it is conducive to the stability of the fish.)

2.Bottom yarnYou can use the round black sand on the market as the bottom sand. Some treasures are very cheap. There are two options: one is black work sand. The other is the iron gall sand. The effect is the same. The shape is different.River sand can be used by adding some other bottom yarns.In fact, the role of the bottom sand is 1.It can balance the change of PH value, especially black sand, which will not affect the water quality.2.The dark bottom sand can induce color, and the body color of the fish is set off by the senses.3.Can be used for fish to play, Diao stone game.4.Eliminate fishs anxiety about the key.)

3.PH value (PHThe value remains at5.0-6.5Between acidic water quality, fish body color tends to darken, so be sure to have one at homePHThe value test pen is tested every other week.Some treasures can be sold for dozens of dollars.)

4.Feeding (Feeding using the red Ruishen this kind of special or Thai Desa feed, the coloring feed on the market is easy to feed the fish eyes red, it is not recommended to feed live food, if you feed shrimp, grow to Daya Cheng, if he does not refuse to mouth, it is appropriateFeed it.Desa is different from other golden flower arhats. It is not an arhat by itself, so do nt treat it as an arhat. Although Desa s physique is very good, Xiao Yacheng is also very prone to enteritis.)

5.temperature(It is recommended to keep at30-32Between, especially during the sand and yarn withdrawal period, the high temperature is out of the state, dont mind what reduces the life and the like.After one and a half years, the water temperature can be reduced to 28-30.)

6.Water quality (Fertilizer water quality is used for nutrition. The so-called fertilizer water quality is that the water is rich in organic nutrients, and it is easy to breed green algae. The fish are in a fierce state. Of course, they should not be too fat.)

7.Polyculture (At the seedling stage, some people said that polyculture can make sand easy, but it is not recommended. You might as well mix it with a small parrot. At least it is safe. You are free to be a local tyrant.Polyculture is not recommended in the sub-adult period. The polyculture loses its original aura, not to mention the state. It is thrown into a tank and becomes a cichlids。)

8.LightBefore sanding and before yarn withdrawalIt is not recommended to turn on the lights or dim lightsThats it, you read it right, it helps to lift sand and unthread.During the period of Yacheng and Desha, the light is moderate, you do nt need to turn off,twenty fourHours open, it is recommended to buy the kind that can adjust the brightnessYou can adjust the mid-light during the day and the darkest at night. Do nt worry that the fish ca nt sleep, it s still possible in the dark.There is no need to buy anything red, the kind on the marketledYou can adjust the color of the lamp, mainly adjust the red and white lights.)

9.Change water, raise water (If you change the water, it is recommended to change it for more than half a month4/1That s all, unless there are special circumstances such as fish sickness or the water body is too acidic, do nt wait until half a month.When raising water, because the fish pair like DesaPHVery sensitive, it is not recommended to change water violently.You can raise a bucket of live water by yourself, then pick up the bucket of water, and put a variety of acidic filter materials such as soft water resin, volcanic stone, etc., filled with a slight amount of oxygen. Remember the slight amount of oxygen.Under indoor sunlight, insects are easy to get outside, so it will be good for a few days. Do not wash the bucket after changing the water, and then use it.)

10.Landscaping (Thats right, you read that right. Desa can be used for landscaping. The fish farming abroad is like this. The dead wood, a piece of black gold sand, and a small amount of easy-to-live water plants can also be placed.Sinking wood can make the water acidic and soft, and the fish tank bacteria should not be propagated.)

11.Cylinder size (First of all, Desa is also close to the native American sea bream, and some are wild, so it is recommended that the tank be the least in Asia1Rice to raise, height50Above, the fish that comes out like this is not only domineering in appearance, but also in a fierce state, so everything is not a problem.

12.Starting problem (I can only tell you this problem. It s too difficult to start in the early stage, and there are only a few of them in China. In the later stage, it can still start because of the accumulation of fat. At the worst, it will grow a small horn.It has been bred for many years. It can still see a big head in its parent fish Texas Leopard. It can only be said that some inherited the genetic body color of the Red Devil Fish first, so the color is red, and some inherited the Texas Leopard gene.Its gone, but his head is up.There are some developments in both directions, which are colored and have heads, which should be attributed to genetic mutations, so it has caused so many Desa to start。Some people look at the picture on the Internet, and those who watched the beginning of Desa, many of them are caused by the generation of pearl genes.)
13.Sand and yarn withdrawal (Based on these conditions for fish farming, when raising Desa, the chances of sanding and yarn withdrawal should be greater.Sanding is mainly a protective color of fry, and it is also a contest of genes in the body. Sanding is heard. Some people say that group breeding can help sanding. It is recommended not to try it. Kill one after another, and finally find nothing.A fish that has been unscrewed.You can put some parrot fish and its breeding is the same, at least do not do it.In addition, the quicker the sand is from the seedling stage, the faster the yarn is withdrawn, and the ugly duckling will soon become a white swan.I personally think that the fish raised in the pond will start to sand faster, haha.In short, keep it during sand and yarn withdrawalPHThe stability of the value, combined with the above cultivation method, in a dark environment, feeding can also be a few grains a day.By the way, there is still a personal experience. When the yarn is unloaded, the large cylinder and the large water body are easy to unload the yarn, and I do nt know why.
14.Anti-sand (Regarding the problem of Yacheng anti-sand, this is still caused by fluctuations in water quality, or caused by the movement of the cylinder. Generally, it will naturally go down within a week. If it is serious, please save the water quality and do not change the water. Turn off the light for a few days.
15.Sandbags (This depends on the fish.Not all fish need sandbags. Desa does not belong to Arhat, so it does nt matter if you put it in.))
红Desa斯罗汉鱼大百科 呼和浩特观赏鱼 呼和浩特龙鱼第10张红Desa斯罗汉鱼大百科 呼和浩特观赏鱼 呼和浩特龙鱼第11张

Raising Red Desa Fish Tank Environment
Aquariums fed by Red Dessa are recommended to be at least 40 cm above!It is recommended to use river stones, crushed stones or pebbles in the tank environment!The color scheme should be reddish brown or black.(Because the fish body itself is bright red with white beads, black is easy to increase the contrast and is more conducive to viewing!)The filtration system should be strong, and it should be mentioned that many friends said that Dessas should not change water or change it less. My experience is to keep weak acidic water but change it every week. This can effectively reduce worms, fungi,Occurrence of outbound diseases such as swollen mouth, swollen eyes, head holes!Everyone needs a clean home, and fish must also like clean water!

Okay, Xiao Ba writes up to now to share all the knowledge about Red Dessass. If there are deficiencies and errors, you are welcome to add and correct them!thank you all



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  feier001 Say: I am raising Desa and read a lot of related posts. This one is really detailed. Study hard!The landlord was bothered.At the same time, I also want to ask, I havent had any problems with Desa, from 3cm seedlings to 10cm now, but one pectoral fin is deformed and upturned. What is the matter?
Yuyou Longer Say: This post is good
Yuyou TS Moon Say: learned!Well written
Yuyou for Xiaoba Say:
Hello, the pectoral fin deformity you said is actually in many cases due to irreversible damage caused by fighting, usually do nt care about him, of course, you can try to cut it out and let it grow back.But if you have no experience, you may send your baby fish to the west
I am raising Desa and read a lot of related posts. This one is really detailed. Study hard!The landlord was bothered.At the same time I would like to ask, my Desa did not.
Yuyou Feier001 Say: It s fine without too many questions, thank you very much for answering!Are you the same name in other forums?I have read a lot of your posts, please post more to teach your experience in the future!

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